Information about Burly


Why Burly

We decided to launch Burly after observing enormous inefficiencies in the construction equipment rental market.  For example:

  • There are many rental equipment yards charging high prices.  A construction professional seeking to rent equipment will spend hours talking to several rental yards, checking equipment availability and comparing prices.  These renters need a more efficient and cost-effective solution.

  • There are many construction companies with fleets of dormant construction equipment.  Idle and underutilized equipment is costly and doesn’t produce revenue.  The solution to this problem is to rent the equipment, but these companies are not structured for equipment marketing, contract management, payment processing, insurance and other details necessary to rent their equipment.  These lenders need a turnkey solution to rent their construction equipment.

According to the US Census Bureau, the construction industry is worth over $1 Trillion!  In addition, the American Rental Association estimates the size of the equipment rental industry in 2017 is $49 billion and expected to grow to $55.5 Billion by 2020.  Considering the size of this industry, construction professionals who own unused equipment can hugely benefit from Burly's platform. Construction professionals looking to rent construction equipment can browse a list of available equipment nearby on Burly’s platform while lenders that own this equipment can earn money lending out their otherwise idle equipment.

Benefits For Equipment Renters

1. Save money – Compare prices and save money.  Burly rental rates are much lower than comparable rental yard rates.

2. Availability in real time – The search engine only displays equipment at the date and location you selected.  You save time and money locating the equipment closest to your jobsite. 

3. Secure operations – The identity of users is verified, the renters and lenders evaluate each other at the end of each transaction, payments are completely secure, and the equipment is insured. 

Benefits For Equipment Owners

1. Generate additional revenue - Increase your profitability, increase ROI of underutilized equipment and optimize your equipment by renting it on our platform.

2. A simple and free solution – Rent your equipment independently, with or without operators, at the price you want, to whom you want and when you want.

3. Secure operations – Rent your equipment safely in a secure environment, with Burly insurance helping to protect your equipment for the rental period, verified renters, and secure payments.